photo: Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan - Ryan Scott, Bill Parsons, Andrew Timar, Blair Mackay (artistic director), Mark Duggan, Rick Sacks, Paul Houle, Graham Hargrove

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Music for gamelan...

Pitohui (2005) for violin, cello and gamelan degung
Revealed (2006) for Sundanese gamelan degung and three voices (S-S-A)
Language of Landscape (2004) for bass clarinet, cello, organ and gamelan degung
Gamelan Solo (2001)
for extended Sundanese gamelan degung
(in nine movements)
1 - wood
2 - delicate
3 - buzz
4 - slap
5 - aggressive
6 - open
7 - soft
8 - reflective
9 - charm
Jali's Dream (1990) for Sundanese gamelan degung and steel pan or marimba soloist                             
Evocation-gentle rain falling (1988) for Sundanese gamelan degung